When it DOESN’T work

It’s a glorious thing when the words are right. I cannot describe it except in the most cliché terms. Choirs of angels singing, happiness bursting from my cells, a huge grin on my face, and a happy sigh as I look at the finished pages. It’s a wonderful thing when the words are right. And it happens about once in a blue moon.

So what do I do when the words are NOT right? When everything feels flat and nothing I do makes it right?

  1. I keep at it. Quitters never win, winners never quit.
  2. I beat the crap out of a little blue racquetball. And if my opponent is on the floor weeping when I’m done, then that’s what s/he deserves.
  3. I eat. Chocolate, nuts, candy, pizza, and everything that is not on my diet that fits into my mouth.
  4. Mope. Let me tell you, if there were competitions for moping, I would be a world class athlete. I am supreme at sulking. I dare anyone to beat me at the doldrums because I have spent a lifetime perfecting my “I hate the world and the world hates me” attitude.

Answer – None of the above. And all of the above. And why are you bothering me about my stupid lack of talent? Sometimes the words aren’t there, and I kick around my days doing everything, nothing, and anything hoping it will be the trigger to get me back on track. And you know what? It doesn’t work.  As far as I can tell, only time gets me back to the right words. Sometimes I think it’s because I just burned through the crappy words.  Or maybe something shifted in my sleep or while I was slamming out shots on the racquetball court. Time heals all words. And eventually (thank God!) it will bring the good words back.

At least that’s what I hope…

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