When is paranoia healthy or crazy-making?

I’m sitting outside with my “Approach With Caution” t-shirt on. Guess why.

  1. It’s a beautiful day.
  2. I sneezed then coughed.
  3. Last night brought full on body aches. Thank God for Tylenol.
  4. I’m enjoying my lawn sign.

Answer: All of the above. I don’t feel completely healthy. I’ve sneezed once, coughed a few times, but it is autumn. Seasonal allergies are a thing for me. But the body aches were new and awful. I mean, I’m athletic. I know muscle pain, but this was unrelenting even with Tylenol. No fever, but I got a Covid test anyway.

But why am I outside? Because I love my husband who has hypertension. If this is Covid, he’s at a much greater risk than I am. So I’m staying in a separate bedroom and using a different bathroom. But what about the ventilation? If he’s in the same house, he’s breathing the same air. Do I send him to a hotel while I’m sick? Or is that riskier than staying home? What if this is fall pollens? Am I making a whole lot of drama out of nothing?

And how the heck did I catch this (if it is Covid)? I don’t go anywhere. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve been to the grocery store, a coffee shop—outside, and Walgreens for emergency M&Ms. I’m on a deadline. Of course I need M&Ms. So I guess I’ve answered that question.

But maybe I’m fine. Maybe this is fall allergies. Or maybe I’ve already infected my family and may possibly kill my parents. (I saw them two days ago. Was I contagious then????)

So it’s official. I am both paranoid and going crazy. Sounds about right for 2020.

Late update—Tested negative for Covid19. Just a cold and feeling better – KL

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