What I’m Doing During Quarantine

We’re all going a little stir crazy. Us extroverts a little more than others. So as a wildly extroverted person, I thought I’d share with you how I’m coping. Guess if any of these are true.

During Quarantine
  1. Zen coloring. I’ve got these books and I’m been using my kids colored markers and pencils like I’m DaVinci.
  2. Listening obsessively to the news. A commentary on how ducks in Mongolia are faring during the pandemic? I’m fascinated.
  3. Drinking coffee and eating M&Ms. See this dark carafe? It’s filled with ESPRESSO SHOTS gotten through the Toddy method. Who needs a Starbucks? I can get wired right at home on coffee and sugar.
  4. Writing. Yes, I’m working, though it tends to be scattered and will require massive re-writes, I’m still putting words on the page. Or the screen, as it were.
  5. Reading. I’m going for lighter fare these days. Can’t focus on a taut, scary book. Give me light and funny and all will be good. Speaking of which…don’t forget to check out my light and funny Were-Geeks Save Wisconsin. Just enough comedy and adventure to distract yourself from reality.   And I still have a few special BLC edition print books that you can find here: https://kathylyons.com/blc2020/

Answer: 3,4 and 5.

I’m always filled with caffeine and sugar. That’s not new! I’m always writing and reading. That’s just who I am. But I had to turn off the news. I check it in the morning and evening for a few minutes. That’s about all I can take without becoming depressed. And that’s not good for anybody, least of all myself or my husband who is stuck inside with me. As for the Zen coloring, sadly, I keep wanting to, but can’t sit still enough to manage one. But I’ve got them out and am going to try again soon. Right after some more M&Ms…

So what are you doing during quarantine?

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