Were-Geeks Save Lake Wacka Wacka Release Day!

The Were-Geeks are coming back! They’ve got to save Earth again or for the first time or in this dimension or whatever the right term is if you know string theory. I don’t, so I just said Lake Wacka Wacka where weirdness is topping the charts. Guess what’s weird about this book.

  1. Our heroes find themselves in the middle of a war between two pixie tribes. And one tribe is really, really into cheese. (Pixies are tiny earth sprite fairies who really have no understanding that their normal games are are problem for humans.)
  2. No one can find the big, bad villain. And he really is big. As in the size of an airplane hanger big. And yet, most of the book is spent searching for him.
  3. Laddin is the happiest, most centered, most glass is overflowing even when it’s just got a drop of water in it kind of guy. So why, why, why does he have to fall for the grumpy one?
  4. Bruce is the grumpy one because he gives up everything to save his brother, only to discover that Josh doesn’t need or want him in his life. That sucks. And yet, somehow, in the middle of all that suckage where the world is ending, the pixies keep attacking him for no reason whatsoever, and… and… and… why shouldn’t he be grumpy? Oh yeah…Laddin!
  5. The immortal head of the werewolves gets in some pretty good one-liners.

Answer: All of the above! Well, all of the above are true, but the A is the true reason this book is wacky. I had so much fun writing the war between the pixies. I was constantly chortling as the words flowed onto the page. Okay, it was more chortling between curses because fairy humor is hard to write.

Check it out! Tell me how I did!

WERE-Geeks Save Lake Wacka Wacka by Kathy Lyons
Were-Geeks Save Lake Wacka Wacka

WERE-Geeks Save Lake Wacka Wacka

WERE-Geeks Save the Word Book 2

Two werewolves, firefighter Bruce and explosives expert Laddin, run up against two factions of warring fairies—and their love might be the only thing that can end the conflict.

Paramedic and firefighter Bruce Collier became a werewolf to protect his family—and hopefully make amends for the way he treated his younger brother. His bitterness nearly turned him into the monster he thought his brother was… until he met Mr. Happy.

Werewolf Laddin Holt—aka Mr. Happy—likes things organized as he makes them go boom. He’s Wulf, Inc’s explosive expert and the only one calming the turmoil inside Bruce.

At least until they’re drawn into a conflict between two factions of fairies living around Lake Wacka Wacka. Bruce wants to take them out, Laddin has other ideas, and neither of them sees the real threat lurking behind the scenes—or how their love could be the answer to everybody’s problems.

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