Watch Order Wars and Other Ways to Annoy Your Spouse

I love comic book movies. I love the banter, but I especially love the idea that superpowers do not save you from your own flaws, anxieties, and mistakes. I know lots of people love the villians, but truthfully, I find them generally silly. Yeah, yeah, somebody done you wrong. Welcome to the club. You’ve just invested a whole lot of money, time, and effort that could have been pointed somewhere else. (I know that’s the point, but I just find it too far a leap). The one exception to that was from the first Avenger’s movie. I get the motivations of a conquering army. I don’t need anything more than that.

During quarantine, I started going back through the Marvel movies. Guess why that means I owe my husband an apology.

  1. The bam, wham, and shrill screaming has been keeping him up at night. I set my own hours so I can stay up as late as I want. He is doing 8-5 work from home. And because I’ve been watching—well, let’s say I’ve had to restock our coffee supply.
  2. He likes Captain America who is not my fav, but the guy’s growing on me.
  3. We both miss Agents of SHIELD but I won’t start watching that again until after I finish the movies.
  4. I teased him about endless discussions of what order to re-watch the Star Wars universe, and yet, I’m forcing him to endure my viewing order thoughts on the Marvel Universe.

Answer: 4.  My husband tried to engage me in a discussion on whether to re-watch Star Wars in release order or in story chronological order. I didn’t care. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy the universe, I just didn’t want to re-watch them and didn’t care what order he did it on his own time. And yet, suddenly, I’m dithering on whether to start the Marvel Universe back at WW2 with Captain American then Guardians of the Galaxy? Or just start back at the movie release order with Iron Man 1 and 2. (I can’t get The Incredible Hulk right now, so I’m out of luck on that one.) Or I could just roll through the individual character story arcs. Watch all 3 Iron Mans, then all 3 Captain Americans, etc, etc. The choices!

As for the other 3 choices, well, yes, they’re all true (to a much lesser degree). So now the big question. Will I apologize for dismissing his Star Wars discussions? Nope. But I have promised to patiently endure his dithering if he endures mine. A compromise, right?

So what do you re-watch? And in what order?

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