Today, I accomplished laundry.

Today, I accomplished laundry.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve done. Now before you say, “Good for you!”, let me point out that I did MY laundry. Just mine. No one else’s. Sheets and towels count as my own laundry, too, because I use them. And…let me point out, I’ve taken two days to do them. Not because it was a huge amount but because I couldn’t manage to do another load yesterday. Oh, wussy me.

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher I listen to. He often says, “The universe doesn’t notice when you fail. It only counts your successes.” Well, thank God for that, because my life would be an unending litany of things I failed to do.

So, in the vein of successes…guess what I did manage to do while I was not writing, not doing housework, and not really being very functional at all?

  1. I imagined what I would write next. Didn’t land on anything, but I managed to discard some really stupid ideas.
  2. I ate chocolate. Let’s just say that I manage to do that all the time, but given the sheer quantity of what I ate, I list it here as a success. Or at least a surprising feat.
  3. I saw a movie. I went to see Jumanji: The Next Level. It was a delight. I thought it would improve my mood (it did) and make me productive (it did not).
  4. Found my swimsuit. It was buried in a suitcase I hadn’t unpacked. Did I fully unpack the suitcase? Of course not. But I did FIND what I was looking for. Not in time to go swimming, but maybe tomorrow…


Yes, I managed to succeed at imagination, chocolate, movie, and locating a lost item. Add in laundry, and I had a full day. Wow! It doesn’t get me closer to meeting my deadline, but I suppose I will count the day a success. Woo hoo!

So, how was your day?

Kathy Lyons—Jade Lee

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