The Toddy Method

My friend and publicist Kim from Author’s Umbrella saw my post on facebook about the Toddy Method and said, Wait! What is this??? So guess what the Toddy Method is?

  1. A great way of making a hot toddy that involves chocolate. Because even whiskey is better with chocolate.
  2. A way of delaying what is due today to Toddy Day.
  3. A dance my daughter Theodora invented when she was in middle school. It is now known the world over as the Toddy Method of dancing.
  4. A way of making coffee that takes out 70% of the acid.
Toddy Method

Answer: 4 – a way of making coffee that significantly reduces acid. The other options sound amazing, but they are not true. Although I do believe everything is better with chocolate.

A few years back, I started suffering from heartburn. My internet research suggested I cut back on coffee as one of the ways to reduce the acid in my diet. CUT BACK ON COFFEE????? Not possible. Instead, a friend at a conference told me about the Toddy Method. It’s really simple.

I take a bag of coarse ground coffee (I’m experimenting with Joffrey’s coffee right now), pour it into a Toddy filter placed above the Toddy carafe. Add water and let it sit overnight (12-24 hours). All the important parts of the coffee go into the water (read: caffeine and flavor) but since the grounds are never heated, most of the acid is never released. In the morning, I have a carafe full of espresso shots. (We learned the hard way that this is concentrated caffeine. Do not drink it like a normal cup of coffee!) I use an espresso shot glass then add hot water. It’s just like if you’d asked for an americano at your local café. And the remainder goes in the refrigerator. Easy peezy!

So—what’s your favorite beverage?


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