The Eyes Have It!

Hello again! I’ve started to write blogs again focusing on saying thank you. Today’s thank you goes to eye lubricant. Yup. You read that right. I never realized when I was young exactly how lucky I was to have eyes that stayed moist all day and all night. I could open them in the morning and not feeling burning pain. Sure, I needed glasses and I rubbed my eyes because what kid doesn’t, but all in all, my eyes were fantastic.

My eyes are not fantastic now. I’ve got a huge floater in my left eye. Just happened and it’s annoying as hell. But mostly, my eyes are dry. I put drops in them often and use a hyper lubricant at night. (I imagine the lubricant jumping all over my eyeballs like a hyperactive monkey squirting liquid on my eyeballs while I sleep. And yes, as I write this, I am aware that is kind of a gross image. But if I wake up without burning pain, then I’m okay with it.)

Anyway, today’s thank you goes to whomever created eye drops for dry eyes. THANK YOU!

How about you? Any remedies for dry eyes beyond what I’ve mentioned?

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