What I Do When It’s Cold!  

So it’s definitely cold outside. February in Illinois tends to get that way. Guess what I do when the temperature dips below freezing. (And, BTW, it’s definitely more than just one.)   Complain bitterly as I push the thermostat into the 80s. Plan a vacation to anyplace with a sundrenched beach.Here’s one from my December trip to Maui. Isn’t it beautiful?  Force my cat to sleep on my lap.     Take pictures of the weather and tweet about it. Explore hot drinks, including hot toddies, hot chocolate, and hot tea. (Hot coffee goes without saying. It’s the only way I open my eyes in the morning.) Snowball fight! Barely notice. I’m a writer. I sit inside and write. Who cares what’s happening outside? Scream as my cat burrows her cold, wet nose beneath my clothes to press it against my belly. Have fun with weird thermal leggings. Answer: 4, […]

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