Sunday Rituals

It’s Sunday and I really just want to continue a Buffy marathon. I’m on season 3 now and I just love Joss Whedon’s talent. Every episode makes me smile. Great structure, amazing dialogue, and such a sense of fun while slaying. It rocks!

My favorite line today is from Giles. He’s mocking Buffy’s mom. See my new mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead. Americans! In Joyce’s defense (Buffy’s mom) she didn’t know it raised the dead. Here’s a picture of Joss in all his glory!

So while I was bemoaning having to work on Sunday (because I didn’t get this done during the week) my husband offered to start the blog for me. Guess which of the following suggestions came from him.

  1. Rhapsodize on the brilliance of baseball. Especially Tiger baseball. (Hint: He grew up in Michigan)
  2. Landscaping companies don’t seem to be very well organized. Even though they ask for the utilities to be marked so that they can plant a new tree, they don’t seem to know how to mow around their own requested flags.
  3. Pizza is perfection. Especially if it’s a stuffed pizza with ham and pineapple. And we should eat our Hawaiian pizza in Hawaii. BTW, whether my husband said it or not, I absolutely agree that pizza in Hawaii is a great idea.
  4. No suggestion. He gave me a kiss, said Good luck with that, then went to take a nap.

Answer: B Truthfully, if you know my husband, you’d believe most of these answers. He loves tiger baseball and Hawaiian pizza. Not to mention vacations in Hawaii. He has also often said, good luck with that as he goes to take a nap. It’s kind of our Sunday ritual.

But this time, he was thinking about the three dead trees that were taken out of our front yard. Here’s the open space in our yard that remains. Those little flags are there so the landscapers don’t put in the new tree on top of a utility line. Except, they mowed over those markings and removed a lot of the flags. When is the new tree coming? No idea. The guys who mowed said, Hopefully soon. Yeah, we hope so, too.

So that’s it for this week’s brilliance. I promise I’m better at brilliance when I craft a book. Speaking of which, have you picked up The Player Next Door by Kathy Lyons yet? Lots of quirky fun in that book. I even felt like a channeled Joss a few times!

You can buy it through the link on my website: The Player Next Door.

Happy reading!

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