Sticking the Landing

Because I’m binge watching shows (and not working out), I’ve started to have some thoughts about… guess what…

A. How many Cheetos I can eat and NOT get covered in orange? Answer: none. ☹

B. How I’m really ignorant for not knowing another language. I’ve been watching more multi-cultural shows and if I don’t want to read subtitles, I need to learn Spanish, German, Russian, Hindi, and three different forms of Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese).

C. Has my butt gotten flatter? Answer: Yes. And wider. And generally more blubbery. It’s the Quarantine 15 which is NOT the name of a new band.

D. Why do I get so very, very angry at certain season endings and not others?

The answer is D which you could probably guess from the title of this blog. Sticking the landing or the season end is as key for a book as it is for a tv series. I get grumpy with cliffhangers, but I’m used to them. Every Agents of SHIELD season end was a cliffhanger, but I’m not furious with them. Some endings don’t have cliffhangers, but I hate them anyway. And some are just perfect. So here’s a short list of series I have followed to the very last second and my opinion on whether they worked or not.

The Good Wife – I never thought I’d watch a series about anything with this title, but I really enjoy legal dramas. I loved LA Law and am currently enjoying The Good Fight which spins off of The Good Wife. However, I hated, hated, hated that they ended The Good Wife with our heroine falling into the same pitfalls her husband did. In fact, the last episode perfectly echoes the first with our heroine acting exactly as her corrupt husband did in the first episode. It basically said, no one can go into the legal and political arenas without becoming corrupt. I watched the show to see good triumph over evil (most of the episodes did this) only to see my main heroine fall at the end. Harumph.

Justified – This is a violent show that pushes the edge of what I want to see. However, the characters were phenomenal, the acting and writing spectacular, and the ending was perfect. The main love interest couple didn’t even stay together, which was a surprise, but they ended up with their own happily ever after. I love, love, love this ending! It wrapped up everything and gave me a rosy picture of their future.

Sense 8 – LOVE this series. Nailed the ending complete with a wedding set on the Eiffel Tower. The last episode echoes the first and there was such happiness at the end of that very gripping series, I adored it.

Warrior Nun – This is a new Netflix original that grabbed me in the first ten minutes and never let go. The title is campy, the set up interesting, and the acting very well done. But the end of season 1 has a cliffhanger I despised. Why? Because they don’t answer any of the series questions. At least with Agents of SHIELD the season questions are answered. We defeat the bad guy and go on to a new beginning which is teased by the cliffhanger. Same with Lost in Space (the remake). I enjoy both those series and grumble, but don’t hate their series cliffhangers. Warrior Nun didn’t answer anything! They just left so many questions hanging without a single resolution. I hated it. So much so that I prompted this blog.

What about you? Any series ends that you love or hate? Tell me why!

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