Spring Cleaning a Little Late

I have friends who adore spring cleaning. And I’m with them in that I like getting rid of old stuff and having more space in my physical life. Problem is, I never do it in spring. In fact, I’m just now getting around to throwing out stuff that I’ve been meaning to get rid of since February.

Guess what I’m throwing out in my delayed “spring cleaning” …

  1. My husband. He’s a dud. Out he goes.
  2. My cat. I’m tired of the critters she brings in. Then there’s the litter box and I just had to de-worm her. Yuck!
  3. Broken furniture. A couch, a chaise lounge, two office chairs, crappy broken kitchen chairs. They all go out, out, out!
  4. Shoes. Am I really ever going to wear those red stilettos again? My arches have fallen, I’m 50 lbs. heavier than I was as a young one, and frankly, my husband wouldn’t know what to do with a girl in stilettos anyway. I don’t drink, so he can’t even buy me alcohol and hope for a good time!

Answer: 3 – We have an appalling amount of busted furniture that needs a good “spring cleaning”…

It’s not like I bought expensive stuff before. I’ve got furniture destroyed by my kids when they were teenagers over a decade ago. Why do I keep this old stuff in my house? It’s held together by racquet strings and rusted screws. And the couches lost any cushion to them ages ago.

As for the rest, my husband and kitty STAY! I love them even if they aren’t as dewy fresh as they once were. And yeah, maybe the stilettos go, but that’s a task for the next spring cleaning. LOL!

The offending chair held together by racquet sting… Out it goes!

Spring sleaning candidate: the busted chair

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