Kathy Lyons hit a home run with this sweet and sultry sports romance series.

Kathy Lyons hits these fast-paced baseball romances out of the part with her signature wit and sexy storytelling. In this trio of tales, a rookie ballkeeper struggles with his newfound celebrity status, an MVP shortstop gets more than he bargained for, and a veteran catcher grabs headlines with a certain sexy publicist.

Hitting It by Kathy Lyons

Hitting It (Book 1)

Sliding Home by Kathy Lyons

Sliding Home (Book 2)

Hard And Fast by Kathy Lyons

Hard and Fast (Book 3)

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Was your Superbowl Sunday eventful? Did you watch the game? A friend emailed me this, and with her permission, I’m posting it here.
Hard and Fast Teaser

Hard and Fast Teaser…

Have you read HARD AND FAST yet? If not, perhaps this #teaser will entice you to give it a try. If you have read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the story!