A sexy paranormal series to sink your teeth into…

Hot Grizzly Shifters stalk the edge of going feral. When someone starts abducting shifters, these men push the limits of their control to destroy the enemy and bring their young home safely. But who will keep them from going over the edge into animal madness? No one except a few exceptional women who dare face the bear and bring home a man.

The Bear Who Loved Me by Kathy Lyons

The Bear Who Loved Me (Book 1)

License to Shift by Kathy Lyons

License to Shift (Book 2)

For the Bear’s Eyes Only (Book 3)

Alpha Unleashed by Kathy Lyons

Alpha Unleashed (Book 4)

Bound to the Bear by Kathy Lyons

Bound to the Bear (Book 5)

Bad Ass Bear (Book 5.5)

Taming Her Mate (Book 6)

Mass Market Editions

Latest Grizzlies Gone Wild OMG It’s Monday!

COVER REVEAL—Bound By Shadows!

Exciting news! Hachette has decided to re-release The Bear Who Loves Me in mass market paperback with a brand new title and cover. It’s up for pre-order and you get to see the cover first!!!!

Guess How This Book was Born?

The Detroit Grizzlies are back and ready to end the plague that has been killing humans and shifters alike. TAMING HER MATE was born March 19, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Taming Her Mate + Year of the GRIZZLY!

When I saw that Fresh Fiction had recipes up for Valentine’s Day, I had to laugh. The hero and heroine of my new novel, Taming Her Mate , Frankie and Ryan, are busy people! Their meals reflect their busy lifestyles.