Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books?

Who remembers the Choose Your Own Adventure books?  They weren’t around when I was little, but my kids saw them. But it was a little bit clunky paging through everything and in order to have a good story, the physical books had to be HUGE. Even back then I thought they would be more fun on a computer.

Enter CHAPTERS, an interactive storytelling app. You can find it in the app store of whatever phone, tablet, or computer you’re using.


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I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but I’ve found them to be a ton of fun. Guess why.

  1. The experience is light, quick, and fun. Sort of like a light saber that makes me smile instead of kills people.
  2. All genres of romance are available depending on your mood. And a couple of my favorite books are in there too! I just noticed Poison Study by Maria Snyder had been adapted.
  3. The surprise silly choice – Every so often, the program offers you a weird, go off into the woods for no reason at all choice. They’re a ton of fun!
  4. Like a movie and a book combination. Sometimes I want more of a dialogue, action book but not a movie. This is like a fun combo of both.
  5. Lovely art. Sometimes it’s fun to see amazing dresses, cool sets, hot girls and guys in lively art. It just is!
  6. My books acted out. I started out planning to be a screenwriter. It’s so much fun to see my books done as live-ish action like a tv show or movie.
  7. I like being part of the story.

Answer: All of the Above but my favorite answer is 1 – they’re fun! 

No matter what your reading pleasure, there is a story for you. It’s not just historical romance, but contemporary, paranormal, and The first two of my Rakes and Rogues series are out now. You can play 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake or One Rogue at a Time. I promise you’ll enjoy the fun of seeing what they’ve done with my books.

50 Ways to Ruin a Rake Chapters Game

2 thoughts on “Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books?”

    1. I have a story outlined for her. She has a hero waiting. Unfortunately, the publisher didn’t want more books. So I’ll either have to self-publish one or let her languish for a bit. She and Audra from Devil’s Bargain have both wanted a book for a while. I may have to do a Spinsters Can Find Love series just for them! LOL

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