Quarantine Hair

I haven’t gone to a public event in so long. I can’t remember when I last saw more than my family in a room. Was my last conference BLC last year? I have no idea. In any event, if I’m not going to events, I don’t do my hair or nails. I wear sweats or leggings and the bra is gone. I certainly don’t bother to color my hair. Gray is the new black, right?

My hair isn’t colored anymore, but it growing. In fact, it’s the longest I’ve had it since…ever. Which means it gets in my way all the time. Then one day I was scrolling online and came across an impulse purchase I couldn’t refuse. It’s called The Carlin. It wraps up my hair in a quick up-do and then when I take it out, I have curls! I never have curls unless I spend hours with a curling iron. And yet, there they are!

I swear I am not getting any kind of kickback from this company. I just love this product and had to share. So here are three pictures.

The Carlin device which is really velvet wrapped around a thick wire.

Now I really wish I had somewhere to go with my cool curly hair!

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