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No Place For A Lady - Jade Lee

No Place for a Lady

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October 2014

ISBN: 1468115669
ISBN/13: 9781614173496

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The rookeries were slums, shunned by London’s upper crust, but an assassination was being planned there and Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, was told he would not be able to navigate the labyrinthine underworld alone. His time spying in France was not experience enough; he would require a partner.

Fantine Delarive was the one. She knew the street better than he, had survived it for years and knew its every criminal. And though those things made her entirely unsuitable to one of his acquaintance he began to see that Miss Fanny fit in everywhere the investigation led-even the crushes of the ton. She fit in brilliantly. Which changed everything. Marcus knew his heart was no place for a well-born lady, but Fantine was not exactly a lady. She was something infinitely more exciting. He began to dream of something far less suitable than an acquaintanceship with Miss Fanny…and vowed to end with nothing less than marriage.