Project Description

Kathy Lyons’ paranormal romance series will keep you reading all night! They are:  THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME,  LICENSE TO SHIFT  and FOR THE BEAR’S EYES ONLY,  With three more on the way! They are:ALPHA UNLEASHED, BOUND TO THE BEAR and  TAMING HER MATE.

Hot Grizzly Shifters stalk the edge of going feral. When someone starts abducting shifters, these men push the limits of their control to destroy the enemy and bring their young home safely. But who will keep them from going over the edge into animal madness? No one except a few exceptional women who dare face the bear and bring home a man.

Grizzlies Gone Wild continues in Detroit where madness grips the city and hybrids create chaos. Only grizzlies who know war can bring order to this new breed of shifter, defeat the evil that is poisoning the water, and create a home safe for everyone. And only three brilliant women have the smarts to keep their men from getting lost in the darkness that engulfs an entire city.

Reading order for the Grizzlies Gone Wild series:

THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME (September 2016)

LICENSE TO SHIFT (October 2016)

FOR THE BEAR’S EYES ONLY (November 2016)

ALPHA UNLEASHED (Available for pre-order as of Jan 2018 – publication set for March 6, 2018)

BOUND TO THE BEAR  (September 4, 2018)

TAMING THE MATE (January 2019)