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Engaged in Passion - Jade Lee

Engaged in Passion

Author Self-Published

July 2012

ISBN: 0014669471
ISBN/13: 2940014669474

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An heiress in search of a title…

Francine Richards has one task: to marry an aristocrat. Her lifeand a massive dowryis dedicated to that goal. But as the daughter of a merchant, no one is offering marriage except lackwits and fortune hunters. She’s just about to accept one of them when disaster strikes: Francine falls in love.

A working man in want of a wife…

Anthony Pierce is a far cry from a titled lord. A bookkeeper in Mr. Richards’s hat shop, Anthony has ambition and the skills to revolutionize the business. But, he’s falling in love with the boss’s daughter.

A scheme that goes awry…

When Anthony and Francine cannot escape attraction, Francine creates a plan of her own. Can the two have a future despite their families’ objections? Or will their own desires destroy their only chance at happiness?