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Mystical Adventures in Cleaning House

So in the middle of June, I’m trying something new. Every day for 9 days, I get rid of 27 items. Throw them out, give them away, whatever. There were all sorts of mystical numerology reasons for the numbers, and by the way, if I miss a day, I have to start over. Oy! The mystical thought behind this madness is that clutter holds energetic weight. So, if you get rid of weight you’ll (a) lose pounds and (b) leave space for something new and wonderful to manifest.  My husband said, getting rid of stuff? All for it. I’m on day 3. Guess which item wins (so far) the Most Embarrassing and another for Hardest to Toss.  And yes, I have indeed gotten rid of all of these things. Clothing that I’ve never worn that is over a decade old. Shoes that hurt to wear but pinched so much I

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Lord Lucifer by Jade Lee

Lord Lucifer

Three titled gentlemen throw a masquerade party at Vauxhall for their own secret purposes. Three ladies attended for fun but find something far greater in the shadows of the pleasure garden.

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Seducing the Skeptic by Kathy Lyons

Seducing the Skeptic

Desperate to save her fellowship, theoretical physicist Janet Mason has 48 hours to build a better thesis when she tumbles into a strange fantasy world with demented birds, farmers shaped like frogs, and one hot, frustrating prince.

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Corn Ice Cream and Sweltering Heat

Travel to NYC is always fun, but add in the Romance Writers of America conference and a book launch, and life got really fun, really fast. It all started before I left when I… Was super organized, finished all my work beforehand, and even got to the airport on time. Was an insane nutcase who packed all the wrong clothes, had all the wrong flights, and it was a miracle I didn’t get lost on the way from LaGuardia airport to the hotel. Woke early, handled TSA and NYC taxis with aplomb. I only lost it when I realized I’d forgotten my laptop. Spent way too many hours cleaning out presents from my cat which she’d dropped into my luggage. Answer: 1.  I’m shocked too! Yes, I got the work done ahead of schedule, binge watched Arrow while I was doing laundry and packing, and ended up being very Zen

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Deleted Scene from The Makeover Mistake

Happy Monday everybody! Today’s OMG post is a deleted first chapter from The Makeover Mistake. It’s delightful, but kind of long so I jumped straight to the first scene in Vegas instead of the set up here. But you lucky readers get to see the real opening scene! Check it out below. And then, be sure you have your own copy of The Makeover Mistake. It’ll make you smile and warm your heart. You can buy it on my website Happy reading!       The Makeover Mistake By Kathy Lyons DELETED SCENE 1 Chapter 1 Michael Chang pushed opened his condo’s front door and walked straight into a piano. And not just a tiny upright, but a full sized grand hitting him in the belly as he dragged his luggage into the foyer. WTF? He’d just been on the world’s worst flight from Japan, his head was pounding, and

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Sexy Bites

CHAPTER ONE Michaela Becker’s heart sank as she reached for The Scarlet Letter. Sure, she loved discussing the fate of a woman branded by passion, the issues of male-dominated religion run amok, of government repression, stoic women, and sex, sex, sex! But she doubted her classroom of sneering, giggling, or comatose high school kids were going to engage in spirited debate. At this point, she’d be thrilled if any of them had read the American classic. Even the comic book version. Putting on her perkiest smile, she stepped out from behind her teacher desk and began the last class of the day. Please, she prayed, let them listen. Let me reach someone today. If that’s not possible, please let someone’s hair burst into flames so I can cancel class while I put them out. No one listened, not even God. At best, her questions on the story received nonresponsive stares.

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