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Book 1 of the new WERE-GEEKS Save the World series

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The wild, sexy, and geeky Kathy Lyons (aka Jade Lee) is a USA Today and Amazon bestseller of 60 romance novels. Check out her Grizzlies Gone Wild series, the recently re-released Bridal Favors series, or get excited about Were-Geeks Save the World.

Into the Lyon’s Den

From USA Today Bestselling author JADE LEE, a lush tale from the greatest, most notorious gambling den in London. Welcome to the world of THE LYON’S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World!

WERE-GEEKS Save Wisconsin

When badass werewolves battling supernatural evil realize they need tech support, they recruit a group of geeks with hilarious—and romantic—results.

Wedded in Sin

How can a lost man solve the mystery, win the girl, and create a life not only for himself, but for her as well? The answer may be just a favor away.

Engaged in Passion

Can a merchant’s daughter and a bookkeeper have a future despite their families’ objections? Schemes and plans go awry for an heiress in search of a title in this seductive Regency romance novella.

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LOST IN SPACE – Netflix series

I did not watch the original Lost in Space when I was a kid. My husband recently suggested we watch the new version on Netflix. Guess how I feel about it?
Books I Love | A Longer Fall by Charlaine Harris


I’m trying to get in the habit of telling people online about books I read that I really enjoy. My tastes are all over the place, so don’t expect consistency. You’re as likely to hear about my new tarot deck as a romance novel.

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