OMG It’s St Patricks’s Day w/Jade Lee

IMG_1308-225x300So if you’re on my Facebook or Twitter feed, you’ve already seen this picture. But I don’t care. I ordered some promotional items and I think they’re fabulous. I case you’re looking at this on a tiny screen, they’re a mousepad and a mug. I even got the LARGE sized mug if people drink coffee like I do. That’s been one of the advantages of going decaf. I can now drink as much as I want. And apparently, that’s a lot!

Guess how I got the idea of this slogan. If you can’t read it, the caption is MY WEEKEND PLANS Then the woman is saying: Look deeply into my eyes. Now take off all your clothes

So, I got that idea by

  1. That’s what my weekend plans ALWAYS are. Have you seen my husband?
  2. The cover was so pretty, I had to do something with it. And come onwhat would you want to do with him?
  3.  The title is 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake. This was option number 41.
  4. Well, it was 2 am. I couldn’t sleep, and my eyes were too bleary from playing Plants vs. Zombies. So I lay back, closed my eyes, and pictured what I’d really like to be doing

Answer: 2 and 4. Slogans are hard. They have to strike just the right note. Have no idea if I picked a great one, but honestly, I just like looking at that picture and thinking exactly what that woman’s thinking. *grin*

So what are some of your wild 2 am thoughts?

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