Creatures and Comforts

Creatures & Comforts

The sun’s up, the sky is clear (today), and the temperature has finally gotten warm enough to go outside. Guess what I’m doing.

Book I Loved—The Johnnies

Amy Lane was introduced to me by her editor who raved about Amy’s talent and books. I gave her Johnnies series a shot and have loved every one.


I am not big into police procedurals. Honestly, I’m not clever enough to follow the clues to find the murderer. It’s why I don’t read a lot of mysteries. If Murder She Wrote challenges my mental faculties, a tv show based on books by Michael Connelly is going to be too complicated for me to enjoy. Or so I thought.

Toddy Method

The Toddy Method

My friend and publicist Kim from Author’s Umbrella saw my post on facebook about the Toddy Method and said, Wait! What is this??? So guess what the Toddy Method is?

What I Do in the In-Between Time

I just turned in Lord Lucifer. I turned it in so early, we are going to release it early! So now the book is done (at least until revisions). Phew! Guess what I do next…

Dragonblade Publishing Interview

Dragonblade Publishing dug deep into my writing process in this fun interview to promote the release of my latest historical romance, Into the Lyon’s Den.