Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to pop in quickly before the holiday to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and give you a quick update on what’s coming next year. I’ve had my head down writing day and night to create some super exciting new projects for your reading pleasure.

Cover Reveal and a Prize Pack!

I’m back to work on a great, new, amazing project for 2020. I can’t talk about it yet. In the meantime, I’ve got a cover reveal to share and a prize pack just for you!

Ever Hear of Rejection Therapy?

Guess what it is: You eat lots of weird foods to find out what your body rejects most violently. You say “no” to at least one person a day. You go through your own closet and “reject” clothing by throwing it out. At least 28 pieces a day. Once there’s nothing left in your closet, you start on your things. It’s a quick way to a minimalist lifestyle. You do something daily where you know you’ll get turned down. Eventually getting told “no” won’t scare you, and you can start living life boldly. Answer: D – It is indeed a way to make yourself casual with being told “no.” The whole closet thing is a different technique where you discard 28 things a day for 10 days. It’s actually quite liberating, but that’s not where the idea for this book …

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Guess What I’m Doing This Week!

So I’ve been doing some weird things this week. Guess what they are… Running around the neighborhood yelling, “The Grizzlies are here! The Grizzlies are here!” Well, I’m just saying it now because the cops said I shouldn’t Okay, so maybe I’m whispering it, but that’s beside the point. The Grizzlies are here! Are you kidding me? It’s too cold outside for me to be running around. I’m sitting in a hot sauna with a sexy shifter. We’re playing Simon Says… Today is the day I get to feed an animal other than my cat Cinnamon. And look what kind of animals they are! No wait! The GRIZZLIES GO WILD series continued this week! Yup, my wonderful grizzly bear shifter series has started up again. This time something strange is happening in Detroit and I’m…well, I’m really excited about it. …

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