Travel Fun

Back before Covid, I used to travel a lot. I found a rhythm and knew exactly what I liked to do and what I didn’t. Now, after months at home, I’m once again about to board a plane, this time to California to see my new grandbaby. (Whee!) I’m flying there with my husband and guess what I discovered…(remember more than one can be right!)

Join Elizabeth Hoyt and I on Crowdcast

Elizabeth Hoyt and I have known each other for years. We met before she became “The Hoyt” and she’s helped me through many tough times. I’m really excited to “see” her on Wednesday, Aug 12 at 7pm EST, on Crowdcast. It’s part of the Forever Virtual Summer Series. You should join us as we dish secrets that can only come from longtime friends.  In the meantime, let me share one now. We used to get together a minimum of four times a week as we drank coffee, gossiped, and then wrote our books. But then suddenly we stopped. Guess why… Answer: D — Sniff!  Elizabeth moved away and I was unable to follow. So we make do with phone calls and internet visits. But let me tell you, the gossip has never been the same! So that’s one story. We have plenty more!  Come join us virtually August 12, 7pm …

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Old Books

t’s rare that I re-read anything—there are so many new stories I want to experience—but sometimes, an old story is a comfort and a joy that gets better each time I read it. Lately I’ve been doing something else with old books. Something that I never wanted to do before. Guess what…

Creatures and Comforts

Creatures & Comforts

The sun’s up, the sky is clear (today), and the temperature has finally gotten warm enough to go outside. Guess what I’m doing.

Book I Loved—The Johnnies

Amy Lane was introduced to me by her editor who raved about Amy’s talent and books. I gave her Johnnies series a shot and have loved every one.


I am not big into police procedurals. Honestly, I’m not clever enough to follow the clues to find the murderer. It’s why I don’t read a lot of mysteries. If Murder She Wrote challenges my mental faculties, a tv show based on books by Michael Connelly is going to be too complicated for me to enjoy. Or so I thought.

Toddy Method

The Toddy Method

My friend and publicist Kim from Author’s Umbrella saw my post on facebook about the Toddy Method and said, Wait! What is this??? So guess what the Toddy Method is?