OMG It’s Monday!

Corn Ice Cream and Sweltering Heat

Travel to NYC is always fun, but add in the Romance Writers of America conference and a book launch, and life got really fun, really fast. It all started before I left when I… Was super organized, finished all my work beforehand, and even got to the airport on time. Was an insane nutcase who packed all the wrong clothes, had all the wrong flights, and it was a miracle I didn’t get lost on the way from LaGuardia airport to the hotel. Woke early, handled TSA and NYC taxis with aplomb. I only lost it when I realized I’d forgotten my laptop. Spent way too many hours cleaning out presents from my cat which she’d dropped into my luggage. Answer: 1.  I’m shocked too! Yes, I got the work done ahead of schedule, binge watched Arrow while I was doing laundry and packing, and ended up being very Zen […]

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Exciting Week!

So this week is really exciting for me. Guess why? Because my life is always exciting! I get to dream up stuff and write it down! I have a very rich fantasy life. 🙂 I’m going to be in NYC for the RWA National conference. I’ll get to see my writer peeps, talk books with my editors, and generally hang out in the Big Apple! THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR by Kathy Lyons finally releases!  Woo hoo! Answer: 3 and 4.   Yup, it’s A double whammy week. I’m going to be in NYC for the Romance Writers of America conference.  I’ll be speaking and part of the Awards Ceremony, so if you’re there, come find me!  We can have a chat and a chew and a good time all around. This is also the week when my newest Kathy Lyons book, THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR releases. It’s a really fun book about the silliness

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Cover Reveal

I’ve got some exciting things coming up. Guess what! A cover reveal for One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee. It’s an amazing heart-throbbing romance. Duh. That’s what the subject heading is. A new book out from Kathy Lyons. The Player Next Door. It’s an incredibly cool story that will melt your heart. RWA National Conference (that’s Romance Writers of America, for those who were wondering) in NYC. I’ll be there. Will you? Be sure to see me at my panel appearance on Writing a Novel in 30 Days. I’m going to be part of RWA’s award ceremony. Yup! I was asked to create part of a story about a woman coming to New York to find her dream come true. My part? I created the villain and will read my section of the story during the ceremony. Answer: All of the Above!  TheThe Player Next Door has been revealed for a while, and is

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Cleaning Experiment OVER!

I’ve just finished my mystical cleaning experiment. Among the treasures I found was a box of Tuna Helper with a 2009 expiration date. It’s a wonder it didn’t crawl away on its own! The idea was to clear out 27 items a day for 9 days to open up opportunities/space for something awesome to happen. If you miss a day, then you have to start over. Today is day 9 and the experiment is over. Guess what I’ve realized so far: I have nothing left in my house. I’ve stripped away all the clutter and am now living a minimalist life with two outfits plus my laptop. Tossing 27 items a day barely makes a dent. Maybe if I did it every day for a year then I’d notice a change. I focused primarily on cleaning out my kids’ clutter and didn’t touch my own. Their rooms look amazing, plus

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Mystical Adventures in Cleaning House

So in the middle of June, I’m trying something new. Every day for 9 days, I get rid of 27 items. Throw them out, give them away, whatever. There were all sorts of mystical numerology reasons for the numbers, and by the way, if I miss a day, I have to start over. Oy! The mystical thought behind this madness is that clutter holds energetic weight. So, if you get rid of weight you’ll (a) lose pounds and (b) leave space for something new and wonderful to manifest.  My husband said, getting rid of stuff? All for it. I’m on day 3. Guess which item wins (so far) the Most Embarrassing and another for Hardest to Toss.  And yes, I have indeed gotten rid of all of these things. Clothing that I’ve never worn that is over a decade old. Shoes that hurt to wear but pinched so much I

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Guess What Happened Last Week!

A way cool thing happened to me last week.  Guess what? (And BTW, it can be more than one.) Aliens landed, converted my backyard to an oil field and I am now filthy rich and covered in black tar. I went to Dallas to hang out with the awesome Cindy Dees and all those great people at Boas & Tiaras Pictures are on my Facebook page. WFAA Texas Wednesday Reads called my book cover sexy! I had a full night’s sleep wherein my cat Cinnamon did NOT wake me early because she was dying of starvation. Answer: 2 and 3.  Sadly, aliens did not make me filthy rich and apparently my fat cat still thinks she’s dying of starvation at about 3 am every night. So yes, I did go to Boas & Tiaras and had a great time. Here’s a picture of me in my tiara which got crushed in my suitcase. I’m

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Deleted Scene from The Makeover Mistake

Happy Monday everybody! Today’s OMG post is a deleted first chapter from The Makeover Mistake. It’s delightful, but kind of long so I jumped straight to the first scene in Vegas instead of the set up here. But you lucky readers get to see the real opening scene! Check it out below. And then, be sure you have your own copy of The Makeover Mistake. It’ll make you smile and warm your heart. You can buy it on my website Happy reading!       The Makeover Mistake By Kathy Lyons DELETED SCENE 1 Chapter 1 Michael Chang pushed opened his condo’s front door and walked straight into a piano. And not just a tiny upright, but a full sized grand hitting him in the belly as he dragged his luggage into the foyer. WTF? He’d just been on the world’s worst flight from Japan, his head was pounding, and

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Black/White Left/Right: Jade Goes Either/Or

Today’s OMG post is going to be a bunch of either/or questions. Don’t think hard, they’re really not that deep.  Okay, here we go Dark or Milk Chocolate? Jade’s answer: DARK though, honestly, my first thought was why do I have to choose? Cat or Dog? Jade’s answer: Cat! Dogs have to be walked every day, and I’m really not that generous with my time. Plus, I’m not a big fan of slobber. Cats just do what they want when they want. Perfect pet for the lazy person I am. And see above for a special picture of the goofball that is my cat (when she was a kitten).     When hanging out with your special someone, do you prefer walking hand in hand on the beach or snuggling up close while watching tv? Jade’s answer: If I only lived close to a beach, there might be walking, but

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My Horrible Mistake

Multiple choice questions from Jade: Guess what I did for Mother’s Day! I got to: Sleep in all day and have a handsome man rub my feet. Drive home from the Off-Campus Writers Workshop in Chicago while listening to an audio book. Spend the day shopping with my childrenand buying them new wardrobes. Let’s just say tequila was involved and I don’t remember much beyond that. Answer: 3. Yes, one of my daughters is a law student. Her summer internship is in a DA’s office. Go her! Except that she has no lawyer-like clothes. And since she’s got no money (because she’s in law school), I decided to help her out. Not to be left out, the other daughter tagged along and got stuff, too. But honestly, it was fun. I got to hang with my children and shop. Now, guess what HORRIBLE mistake I made:  I got tired, handed them

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