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The Holidays are Coming – as well as One Very Sexy Rogue!

I’ve got a book coming out December 1! Guess what it’s about. A. Hot aliens land, abduct my cat, and I have adventures as I go off and rescue my sweet Cinnamon. B. A hot, hot hero takes a hot, hot heroine to Antarctica where they get naked, cool off, and then discuss their pets as they return home to their real lives. C. Grizzly bear shifters. Need I say more? D. A woman intent on proving her legitimacy and the rogue she needs to help her achieve her goals. Answer: C! Just kidding. There might be Grizzly bear shifters in my future, but that’s for another time. The answer is indeed D (though I’d love to read about A). One Rogue at a Time is releasing soon. Check it out here  including a first chapter excerpt and a deleted scene! The reviews have been great. RT even gave it a

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Guess what I did for Halloween? Turned off all the lights in the house, didn’t answer the door, then ate all the candy myself. Forgot all about it, went out to dinner, and came home to eggs splattered on my front door. Forgot all about it and stared stupidly at the miniature Capt. America, witch, and ghost when they asked for candy. They got the new pair of socks I’d just bought and some catalogs. Put together my Christmas List Answer: None of the above.  I had planned to put together my Christmas List, but I was too busy eating the candy myself. Fortunately, there were lots of little kids who helped me out. Guess what’s exciting that’s going on now! New Website!  Yup – check out  and the $200 contest giveaway! Also look for the Easter egg which as of this moment, I still haven’t found. New book release!  Seducing the



My new website launched last week. Guess what the most adored part of my website is. Damon Suede The rafflecopter contest for $200 at the e-retailer of your choice. The graphics of my latest two books. Aren’t they pretty? That it’s 1000 x better than my last website. Answer: 1 – Yes, everyone loves the man who has nothing to do with my website except that he’s a good friend. As for the other ones, they are the reasons I love the website.  There is something that didn’t work in the first few days of launch. Something that by the time this is published I really hope works. But I have a fix here for those of you reading. So…wanna guess what it is? Damon Suede The rafflecopter The graphics My old website keeps showing up instead of the new one. Answer: 2 – The contest didn’t work at first.


Yoga and the Middle Aged Woman

I’ve decided to take up yoga again. Most of you already know that I’m pretty athletic. I play racquetball a lot and I lift weights once a week. Stretching, however, is not part of my routine. I make half hearted attempts at it, but really, I’m happier sitting in a sauna which isn’t the same thing at all. Sadly, sciatic pain and other tight muscles have convinced me that it’s time to try it again. Once long ago, I taught yoga classes, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get back into it, right? Guess what I discovered.   A decade of not stretching was a really bad idea. Touch my toes? Well, I can get to my knees. Does that count? A strong core from weight lifting is not the same thing as abs of steel. And neither seems to be much help when I try to get into

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I am not a woman who repeats phases. I’m a been-there-done-that kind of girl. There’s so much more in the world to explore, why would I go back to something I’ve already done? I don’t usually repeat movies or books, would much rather go to a new restaurant no matter how weird than repeat an old one, and I’m not even all that excited about repeat vacations. Give me something new. So it was with considerable shock that I’m repeating two of the following phases. Guess which ones. Was hugely into it 28 years ago, and have suddenly decided to buy my own bowling ball and shoes. Crochet, embroidery, needlework I used to do it all before kids. Suddenly, I’m stocking up on yarn and looking at specialty hooks again. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I started reading Joss Whedon’s biography and just had to revisit this awesome TV show. When

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Sunday Rituals

It’s Sunday and I really just want to continue a Buffy marathon. I’m on season 3 now and I just love Joss Whedon’s talent. Every episode makes me smile. Great structure, amazing dialogue, and such a sense of fun while slaying. It rocks! My favorite line today is from Giles. He’s mocking Buffy’s mom. See my new mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead. Americans! In Joyce’s defense (Buffy’s mom) she didn’t know it raised the dead. Here’s a picture of Joss in all his glory! So while I was bemoaning having to work on Sunday (because I didn’t get this done during the week) my husband offered to start the blog for me. Guess which of the following suggestions came from him. Rhapsodize on the brilliance of baseball. Especially Tiger baseball. (Hint: He grew up in Michigan) Landscaping companies don’t seem to be very well organized. Even though they ask for the

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August Musings

Hello Beautiful! I’m having a lovely August, how about you? I was in NYC for the Romance Writers of America national conference last month, so guess what I did when I got home? Laundry. Duh. Slept for a week. Might have something to do with the massive hangover from RITA night. Rapidly got together a bunch of proposals for new projects and whipped them off to editors all over the publishing industry. Binge-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Answer: 4. I’ve been reading a biography of Joss Whedon and just had to relive those Buffy years. Laundry is only now being contemplated a week later. I have a plethora of ratty shorts and tanks, but even those are getting low. As for the rest, well you might see a few new projects in the wind in the next few months, but nothing happens fast in this industry.   Something cool did

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