OMG it’s Monday w/Jade Lee: The Problem with Deadlines

Everyone hates deadlines, right? It does have the word dead in it. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we always had as much time as possible to get a task done? That way everything would be done to the best of our ability in the best possible way. Right? Let’s find out if that’s true for me.

I recently learned that I have two extra months on my next manuscript deadline. Let’s start with why I got extra months.

  1. Scheduling shift. A few extra months magically appeared.
  2. I’m such a marvelous writer, Sourcebooks wanted me to feel appreciated and gifted it to me.
  3. I’m such a terrible writer, Sourcebooks decided to force me to take more time to make the next book perfect.
  4. I’m an idiot, forgot the REAL deadline, and imagined a wrong one.

Answer: 1 and 4.  Yeah, I’d like to think that is was just a scheduling shift and had nothing to do with when I turned in the last manuscript. But I had issues with the last book and that threw off this one. Also, I thought the current manuscript was due May 1. Nope. It was due back in January, which really confused me. Anyway the end result is that suddenly the manuscript I’m on isn’t due for months.

So, next question. What did I do the moment I realized I had extra months?

  1. A big sigh of relief and then I went back to work. I write at the speed I write. Deadlines mean little to me.
  2. A big sigh of relief and then I took a nap. I’ve got months, right?
  3. A gasp of panic as I completely re-did my writing plan for the rest of the year. If I can take extra months with this, then the next book slides back, and will I still have time to take a vacation?
  4. I laughed and did absolutely nothing. That’s right. I’m already done with the book. Will turn it in tomorrow. What do I care when my publisher gets to it?

FWTRR-183x300Answer: 2. I told myself that my answer would be A. I write at the speed I write and so deadlines make no difference to me. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Sadly, the minute I heard that I had extra time, I took two days off. I was at breaking point anyway, so whee! Caught up on Castle. Did blogs for 50 Ways to Ruin a RakeWent rollerblading. Life is good! But the work isn’t getting done. Apparently I need a deadline to keep me working. And if you think I answered 4the book is already doneAhahahahahahaha! I wish.

So as of this morning, I’m back to thinking the book is due May 1. Yeah, it’s a lie, but I need the push to keep me writing. What about you? Do you need the pressure of a deadline or does that just lock you up?

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