OMG, it’s Monday w/Jade Lee #9

OMG, it’s Monday w/Jade Lee #9 and we are talking about my new art piece!

So while on vacation I saw a piece of art that I adored. I resonated deeply with it and ended up buying it. It was

  1. A dolphin with a silly, happy expression on its face
  2. A painting of Minnie giving Mickey a less than polite gesture.
  3. Manchest. Duh! Sculpted into a statue that I can fondle at will.
  4. A picture of a faceless person wandering through the forest.

Answer: 4. Yup, I bought The Search by MacKenzie Thorpe. He’s an artist I’ve admired for a while, but this piece really spoke to me. It reminds me that unless I’m looking backwards, I have no idea what kind of joy, color, or disaster I’ve left in my wake. Every once in a while, I ought to look and see what I’ve left behind. But for the bulk of my life, I’m searching for art, for meaningful writing, for whatever is ahead. So that means I’ll be groping around in the dark where there is beauty (there are pretty little blue flowers around) but it’s okay to be searching in cluelessness. And I can be really clueless at times.

Now guess what my husband thinks of this piece.

  1. Amazing depth and beauty.
  2. The faceless guy is creepy.
  3. And how are we going to get that home on the plane?
  4. I love you, honey, even if you like creepy faceless art.

Answer: Everything but 1, but mostly 4. Yeah, my husband loves me so even though he thinks the faceless every-man is creepy, he let me buy it and hang it in my office. Just so long as it’s at an angle he doesn’t have to see all that often. Isn’t he great?

So any amazing or weird art that you endure for your spouse? Or the reverse?

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Makeover Mistake by Kathy Lyons. It’s on sale for cheap now, but that won’t last! Here’s the LINK

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