OMG, It’s Monday w/Jade Lee #12

Did Jade get Perspective? NAH!

 Two early reviews for 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake came in this week, both from organizations I respect. One was glowing, the other hated the book. I responded by

  1. Becoming bipolar, bouncing between elation and depression in the blink of an eye.
  2. Obsessing about the good review as I thought, about damn time!
  3. Obsessing about the bad review as I thought, idiots just didn’t get it!
  4. Review? What review? I’m too busy writing to care about reviews.
  5. Before I give the answer, you might guess what the HEALTHY option would be.

FWTRR-183x300Answer: 3  Of course I obsessed about the bad review. The good reviews occasion a grin for five minutes on and off throughout the day. The bad review makes me stomp around for days because I struggle to get past it. At this point, bipolar would be a more balanced approach. Ignoring reviews completely is probably the healthiest approach, but one I seem unable to do.

So who gave the reviews? you ask. Well, Romantic Times Book Reviews gave my book 4.5 stars! They only give out a 5 star review once a decade, so I can’t be upset about that. The review can be found here.  The main quote is: Lee creates a wonderful read full of madness and mayhem  as well as serious issues. She plays the genre’s standard marriage-game plotline with ease; adding the nature of class and the problems it creates makes a complex tale that will please readers.


The bad review is from Publisher’s Weekly. I’m not masochistic enough to give you a link, but suffice it to say, the reviewer did not find the book funny at all. And I proceeded to stomp around the house being pissy.

Now, here’s the big question. Did I get perspective?

  1. It’s just a review. Some people will like my writing, some won’t. That’s the way it goes.
  2. I’m going to start a BAN PW campaign because they just don’t understand romance!
  3. I’m going to start a LOVE RT campaign because obviously they’re brilliant!
  4. Wait a seconddidn’t I set out to write a book that people would react strongly to? So did I just achieve what I wanted?

Answer: 4.  Well, I’ve gone through all answers at one point or another, but this is the book I began the major shift to FUNNY. Sure, my books are still sexy and still have the depth that I need to keep myself entertained, but I’ve made a conscious choice that they’ll be FUNNY. Kathy Lyons too. And funny is even more subjective than sexy or deep. And what’s the kiss of death for funny? Middling reviews. Well, I didn’t get a middling review, did I? So I ought to be happy. I am happy. I have perspective

But I’m still not giving you the PW link.

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