OMG It’s Monday with Jade Lee, Week #8

Week before last was exciting, but last week was even better. Guess why

  1. I was on vacation week before last, and last weekeven more! Fun, sun, and hot towel boys who rub my feet!
  2. The temperature got above freezing! And it didn’t snow! And next week, we’re supposed to see the sun for at least a few moments!  WOO HOO!
  3. Jury duty last week. Since I’ve never done it before, it was very interesting. This week, it’s back to my regular life. Which isn’t so bad, just not so exciting.
  4. Jury duty last week which was very interesting. And next weekBOOK SALES!  Woo hoo!

Answer: 4Answer 1 was an I WISH! No sun, no vacation. Not for a few more weeks yet. Answer 2 is a bwahahahaha. It snowed. I was sad because I had to be out in it. And walking from my car to the courthouse wascold. Answer 3 is partially true. I am back to my regular life, but there is some exciting news for you coming up.

So yes, answer 4. I had jury duty which ended up being interesting, exhausting, and unexpectedly difficult. It was a criminal case, and we found him guilty of theft. Even though I had no doubt in my mind, it was still hard to say.

RakesRenegadesandRoguesOhMy_MixedGenreBundle200But here’s some cool news. First off, the anthology is out!

A Dozen Rakes, Renegades and Rogues, Oh My! Only $2.99 for a dozen historicals by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors (and others). 

And for you Barnes and Noble Nook readers a 99 cent sale on Rules for a Lady & Dragonborn. 

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