OMG it’s Monday with Jade Lee week #7

The PLAN vs. What really happened

Some of you may know that this is my year to stay away from conferences. I average a conference a month, though in heavy years, it’s been way more. I’m an extrovert, and I love getting out there and talking to people, but this year I had a radical plan. To stay home and write. Write a lot! Write a ton and maybe clean house too.

Here’s what really happened.

  1. Exactly what I planned. I’ve written and my house now looks like a photo shoot for Midwestern Home on a Middling Income.
  2. My house is a disaster. Now that I’m home, I’ve got craft projects, empty Sunchip bags, and dirty socks everywhere. Oh, and I wrote some stuff too, but no more than usual.
  3. Write! Write! Write! I’ve written the equivalent of War and Peace over a weekend. It’s amazing! And by the way, that giving up caffeine thing? HAHAHAHA! My blood runs brown!
  4. I’m writing. I’m not cleaning. And I’m incredibly stir-crazy, so I’ve started playing racquetball tournaments.
  5. Can you say weird show marathons? Forget Airplane Repo, I’ve been watching Pet Hoarders and Master Chef Junior.

Answer: 4. Turns out that no matter how much time I have, I don’t feel like cleaning. Go figure. I have been writing a ton, but only a small percentage more than I was before. I am happier and more relaxed, except for that stir crazy part. So I’ve been playing racquetball, losing weight, and trying not to blow out my knees. All in all, a positive change for the better, but it’s only February. I may be insane by April.

As for the other options. I do love Sunchips, but I throw the bag away. Eventually. Wait a sec while I throw this one out, and this one, and oh there’s one. I have been marathon watching shows lately, but my choices have been The Librarians (including the made-for-tv movies), Torchwood, and The Dresden Files.

What TV shows are your guilty pleasure?


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