OMG, It’s Monday with Jade Lee/ Kathy Lyons

Whose feet are those anyway?

This is an important week for me. Tomorrow is release day for The Makeover Mistake by Kathy Lyons. So what’s at the forefront of my brain?

  1. Do I look fat in these jeans? I mean, I lost weight, but then I gained some back but not all of it. So now I don’t know if I’m supposed to be hiding my muffin top or glorying that its smaller.
  2. OMG, what are the reviews? Will anyone buy it? I’ve had over 40 releases, why is this one still as hard as the first?
  3. *peering out from writing cave* Is something going on out in the real world? No? Yes? Nevermind. *slinks back inside*
  4. What a strange cover. I’m always looking at the guy’s red underwear, but then I looked at my name only to see the feet behind it. Is there a deeper meaning to the fact that Kathy Lyons appears over their feet? A subliminal message about feet and me? My feet?


makeover-mistakeAnswer: All of the above. Yes, I’m sure that sounds contradictory what with 3 being completely clueless, but think of the writing cave as me hiding from the world in my favorite writing world. When my brain starts spinning in too many directionslike 1, 2, and 4I just run to my cave and play there.

What do you do when you’re anxious about something? Ah and while you’re thinking about that answer, go ahead and click this link [] for an excerpt of the Makeover Mistake. Get it while it’s still 99 cents because that’s only for a limited time!

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