OMG, It’s Monday! Week#1

Hello Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons fans! Got a quick funny for you this morning.

My daughter called me this morning VERY UPSET. (She sometimes talks in capitol letters). Guess why.

  1. Law school exams have made her insane.
  2. It’s cold in Michigan, and after 7 years in the south, she just can’t handle it.
  3. It’s cold in Michigan and after 7 years in the south, her CAR can’t handle it.
  4. Her cat had caught a mouse and wasn’t giving it up. He was under her bed and growling whenever she came near.
  5. She needs money.

Answer: 4. Although she’s called for every single one of those reasons as one point or anotherespecially the needing money partbut this morning was a mouse! OMG a MOUSE! Somehow, the child has lived rodent free for most of her life. Probably because in the south, mice don’t need to come inside to get warm. Well, now she’s in Michigan and the poor baby gets the joy of mice during winter. Well, at least the kitty is enjoying himself!

Any cute (or not) rodent stories?

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