OMG It’s Monday! Week #6

What I saw in Costa Rica

There was amazing scenery and great fun in Costa Rica, and I saw some great creatures I’d never encountered before. Guess which one I did NOT see.

  1. Howler monkeys
  2. Beautiful moth my son-in-law got drunk (see previous post)
  3. Grasshoppers larger than my hand
  4. Sea cucumber
  5. Costa Rica’s version of a raccoon
  6. Mosquitoes or whatever the hell was eating me alive

Answer: 6. I got bitten by insects despite all the bug spray. And yes, I was supposed to put it on AFTER going swimming too but I forgot and paid for my stupidity. My legs are a spotted mess right now. But I never actually SAW the culprits consuming my blood. We’re guessing mosquitoes but it could be any number of different insects. Costa Rica has a ton of them!

We did see all of the other creatures. The howler monkeys were a colony of sorts. They came out as dark outlines on my pictures, so you can’t really see them. Last week you got pictures of the beautiful moth. The sea cucumber was underwater, so no pictures there.  And the raccoons were just so cool that I forgot to snap a picture! They just toddled right beside our table before climbing a tree, presumably for their nest. Awesome!

IMG_1135-e1422251735278-225x300IMG_1134-e1422251555597-225x300And finally  we saw lots of big grasshoppers. This one wasn’t the largest, but I had my cell phone ready this time. Check it out!

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