OMG It’s Monday! Week #4


Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve just returned from a fabulous family reunion in Costa Rica! Guess what I discovered on my return home!

  1. That my husband (who had returned early) had cleaned the house and done all the grocery shopping.
  2. That all the mail-order Christmas presents had finally arrived.
  3. That it hadn’t miraculously gotten warmer in Central Illinois.
  4. That I was covered in insect bites and was pleased to come back to a frozen climate without those damned bugs!

Answer: 2! Yes, I had mail-ordered a ton of Christmas presents, but too late. I’d managed to grab secondary presents before we left so Christmas was still celebrated in style. But now what do I do with a plush Anna doll for my niece? Or the hand crafted special yarn bowl for my sister?

As for the rest  My husband managed to get himself home and to work for end of year stuff. Beyond that, he ate pizza and fed the cat. Frankly, I was happy that he remembered to feed the cat. Although, come to think of it, the animal can be rather persistent and knows just how to motivate people to fill her dish.

No, the weather hadn’t gotten warmer in Illinois, but I didn’t expect it. Just slightly depressed to see the white cold stuff on the ground. And yes, I am covered in insect bites that itch like crazy. But all in all, I’d rather use bug spray than come home from vacation. :/

What did you all discover after the holidays were over?

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