New Rule: No Holidays Allowed until I Finish Dying my Easter Eggs

I used to love holidays. Easter eggs, Halloween costumes, even flag day was fun. But since my kids have left home (Yippee, empty nesting!), I can’t be bothered to notice the passing of days. Well, that’s not exactly true. I count days by words written and deadlines missed or (fingers crossed) made. So now that we’ve finished Thanksgiving and are heading toward Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza (not to mention Omisoka, St. Lucy’s day, and New Years) guess what my holiday plans look like.

  1. Plans? Who plans? I’m going to sit by a fire and read while my cat tries to drink my wine
  2. Husband is doing the tree and outdoor lights. I’m shopping to feed 1000 (aka my teenaged nieces and nephews). And amazon is delivering the rest.
  3. What holiday? Talk to me after I finish my next grizzly bear shifter romance.
  4. Pass the egg nog. My manscripts are written, the presents are bought, and… bwahahahaha! I couldn’t even finish typing this because it’s too ridiculous for words.
  5. I’m turning off the news, my smart phone, and my computer. That will take care of the peace on Earth part, at least in my neck of the woods. Then I’m going to share love with my family, indulge in crass commercialism with presents all around, and stuff myself until I’m bursting through my clothes. And when that’s all done, I’m going to thank you, my reader, for giving me your attention in this hectic time of year. Ahem…THANK YOU!


Answer: 5.. — It’s easy for me to forget that so many of my favorite moments have been between the pages of some book. The people inside those fictional worlds live with me forever. So thank you authors for giving me such joy and starting me on this lifelong journey of storytelling. (HA! You thought I was talking about my own books.) And as for my readers, even those who just are checking out this blog. You make me feel special and heard in a world of so much noise. If I can give you a fraction of the love that I feel for you, then I will count myself forever blessed. So THANK YOU!

Now, for the other possible answers. I do intend to sit and read this holiday. Just as soon as the manuscript is done. (Which may be just in time to dye Easter eggs). And I got evil and sneaky this year. We’re spending the holiday at my sister’s house, so I don’t have to do any decorating at all! WOO HOO! Well, maybe a small tree. And some outdoor lights. Don’t want to be the only house on the block that’s dark. And it’s always fun to try and stuff my cat into a little Santa suit…

So now it’s your turn. What is something you’re looking forward to this holiday season? Leave a comment and one lucky reader will win a Kathy Lyons/Jade Lee holiday gift box of signed books! Not just mine, but a few others too! So hurry up! Tell me what you’re looking forward to!




2 thoughts on “New Rule: No Holidays Allowed until I Finish Dying my Easter Eggs”

  1. Around Halloween, I made an orange cloth necktie/collar for our black cat. He wore it every day until just before Christmas. Kitties love costumes but may be dismayed by the smell of something new. I find it helps to let the cat sleep with the item before I try to put it on him.
    So glad your holidays were joyful.

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