Mystical Adventures in Cleaning House

So in the middle of June, I’m trying something new. Every day for 9 days, I get rid of 27 items. Throw them out, give them away, whatever. There were all sorts of mystical numerology reasons for the numbers, and by the way, if I miss a day, I have to start over. Oy! The mystical thought behind this madness is that clutter holds energetic weight. So, if you get rid of weight you’ll (a) lose pounds and (b) leave space for something new and wonderful to manifest.  My husband said, getting rid of stuff? All for it.

I’m on day 3. Guess which item wins (so far) the Most Embarrassing and another for Hardest to Toss.  And yes, I have indeed gotten rid of all of these things.

  1. Clothing that I’ve never worn that is over a decade old.
  2. Shoes that hurt to wear but pinched so much I never wore them.
  3. Food that is over a decade old. Yup, you read that right. Gourmet chocolate cake mix over a decade old.
  4. Over a thousand paperbacks.

Hardest to Toss: 4. I get so many free books from conferences that my house was groaning under the weight. And yet when I went to the library to donate them, I kept wanting to pull books back. I would read that! But I heard that one’s great! Doesn’t matter that I read almost exclusively in ebook now. I just struggled to get rid of the books. Even more than the brand new clothes I never wore. (Please don’t tell my husband I spent money on them.)

Most Embarrassing: 3. I had a whole cabinet full of dry goods that were all at least three years past their expiration date. Three years. The chocolate was over a decade. But it was GOURMET CHOCOLATE.

But I did it. They’re all gone. And that’s only 2 days of tossing. (I haven’t done today’s yet.) What am I going to be like by day 7 or 8? Stay tuned. I’ll let you know!

And meanwhile, something amazing has indeed showed up in my life. The Player Next Door by Kathy Lyons is available for pre-order! WOO HOO! Another really funny book. You can buy it through your favorite retailer.


Here’s a snippet of the story you’ll love in The Player Next Door:

THE-PLAYER-COVER-ONLYAn unexpected catch

NBA star Mike Giamaria doesn’t mix basketball with love. Ever. Then Mike meets Tori Williams, his cute, quirky new neighbor who seems hell bent on refurbishing her death trap of a house on her own. When she falls from her roof and into his arms,   Mike knows he’s just caught a whole heap of trouble.

Trouble sums up Tori’s life. Despite her academic success, no one believes she can take care of herself-not her family, not her ex-boyfriend. She’s determined to live her life on her own terms, and if that includes a hot summer fling with the super-sexy athlete next door, so much the better.

But when Tori’s around, Mike can’t keep his mind on basketball. He wantsmore. And to his horror, not just more time on the court. When training starts, it’s game over-it has to be-unless Tori can convince Mike that love doesn’t belong on the sidelines.

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