My January Revelation

We’re in January now. The holidays are over, but not the post-holiday cleaning. Family has left but not the post family colds and flus. Presents have been opened and adored, but the credit card bill is looming. Let’s face it, add in the dreary weather and January just sucks. That’s why I take the time in January to…

  1. Catch up on my email. I can spend hours reading about the best way to lose holiday weight.
  2. Catch up on shopping. Post-holiday sales? My favorite!
  3. Sleep. Who wants to face January anyway? Hopefully, I’ll take a nap and wake up in February.
  4. Meditate. It’s what I do when I don’t want to face what needs to be done. A few minutes of “ohmmmmm” are a few minutes when I don’t have to launder clothes that are too tight anyway from the holiday desserts. (Those clothes should stop eating like that! Lame joke, but it made me smile.)

Answer: 4— I certainly catch up on email and sleep, as much as I can. And I have enjoyed a few post holiday sales, though mostly I’m trying to shrink the credit card bill, not add to it. So this January, I’ve been meditating. A lot. Now don’t picture me in the lotus position looking serene for hours on end. The longest I’ve been able to sit still in silence is 20 minutes, and that was HARD. I’m talking about 2-5 minutes in a comfortable chair. I close my eyes and just try to center myself in my body and silence my constantly yammering mind. I do this often throughout the day and it really helps.

A few days ago, I was trying to shut up my brain when a question rose to the surface. One that stuck and had me thinking…or meditating…or just musing. Here it is:

What do you do to most love yourself? Or in a rephrase—What is happening when you most love yourself? Guess my answer.

  1. Shop. Buying stuff I can’t afford and often don’t need still gives me a rush. It isn’t logical, but it does.
  2. Massage. That’s my me-time. Lying on a table letting someone else rub my worries away.
  3. Read a book. Nothing says love like immersing myself in a good love story.
  4. Clean house. Go figure, but I’m thrilled when I have a neat space to live in.
  5. Write well. Sure there’s satisfaction in writing anything, but I most love myself when the words are RIGHT.

Answer: 5 — To be honest, I’ve felt self-love for all of those. Who doesn’t like buying stuff for themselves or getting a massage? Plus I love stories in any form. Novels, TV, movies, my neighbor’s drama. I can lose myself in any of those and be very happy. And yes, I do like a clean house, though I usually hate the cleaning part. But if you’re asking (and I was) when do I most love myself? It’s when I’m writing. My job as a novelist isn’t a JOB. It’s the way I love myself.


Of course, there are times when the writing is hard. Moments when I’d rather do anything but put words to the page, but those are also the most satisfying times because I’m working my way through it.

Well, doesn’t that just put my whole career in a new perspective? It’s not a job. It’s love. Go figure.

So what about you? What do you do to love yourself? One lucky commenter will get a copy of my four Bridal Favors series books plus a mouse mat based on 50 WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE.

And don’t forget my latest historical novel  is out now! ONE ROGUE AT A TIME is an engaging story of a bastard son of nobility and a lovely English rose of a girl with a deep secret who use each other to get what they want.

And my alter ego, Kathy Lyons, has a new fantasy out, too.  SEDUCING THE SKEPTIC is the first in my Accidental Angels series. 

50 Ways to Ruin a Rake by Kathy Lyons
One Rogue at a Time by Kathy Lyons
Seducing the Skeptic by Kathy Lyons

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