My Horrible Mistake

Multiple choice questions from Jade:

Guess what I did for Mother’s Day! I got to:

  1. Sleep in all day and have a handsome man rub my feet.
  2. Drive home from the Off-Campus Writers Workshop in Chicago while listening to an audio book.
  3. Spend the day shopping with my childrenand buying them new wardrobes.
  4. Let’s just say tequila was involved and I don’t remember much beyond that.

Answer: 3. Yes, one of my daughters is a law student. Her summer internship is in a DA’s office. Go her! Except that she has no lawyer-like clothes. And since she’s got no money (because she’s in law school), I decided to help her out. Not to be left out, the other daughter tagged along and got stuff, too. But honestly, it was fun. I got to hang with my children and shop.

Now, guess what HORRIBLE mistake I made:

  1.  I got tired, handed them my credit card, and snoozed in the Starbucks. It’s stunning how much two twenty-somethings can buy in the time it took me to have a power nap.
  2. Bought two pairs of AWESOME pants for me and didn’t notice the Dry Clean Only tag.
  3. I said, Let’s eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and didn’t think about the line.
  4. Drove home alone while exhausted from a day of shopping.

Answer: B.  I’ve made mistake 1 before, so that doesn’t happen anymore. Come to think of it, I’ve made 2, 3, and 4 mistakes before as well. You’d think I’d learn. But a latte took care of the tired drive. And since I had a great book on audio, there was no problem there. I love the Cheesecake Factory even if I have to wait in line. So the big mistake was buying these two pairs of pants and not noticing that they’re dry clean only. Big oops. Bigger oops is that I just pulled them out of the washer and realized the problem. So anybody have good advice on how to not pay a zillion on dry cleaning?

Oh and guess what? 50 WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE by Jade Lee is getting rave reviews. Don’t miss it! It’s my funniest book to date!

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