My Daughter's Pets

So last week, I told you about my daughter’s trauma with the mouse in the house. (It was successfully killed by her cat with no harmful after effects.) This week you get to guess what her favorite childhood pet was.

  1. A pet mouse that was famous for escaping out of his cage and running over to visit her in the middle of the night.
  2. A pet cat that she wore as a stole over her shoulders whenever she went to bed.
  3. Chilean rose tarantula. She would let it climb all over her while she watched tv.
  4. No pets. Are you kidding? We have allergies in this house!


Answer: 1. Yes, the child who was so traumatized last week by a mouse in the house did indeed have a pet mouse that she adored. We later tried our hands at fish, cats, and for a very short bita bird. But she claimed her favorite was the mouse because it was her pet. The cat worn as a stole over the shoulders was her sister and my sister. Seems to be a family trait to train the cats to lounge across our shoulders. But I never learned how to do it. Or maybe I’m just not as tolerant with scratches on my neck, face, and shoulders. The tarantula was my son-in-law who claims that it was the best pet ever. Very loving spider. In fact, he’d like some again. My daughter has said absolutely not!

So what was your favorite pet?

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