More from Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Event

I had a fabulous time at Barbara Vey’s reader appreciation luncheon. First off, I did the welcome speech that included a # phrase.  Guess what I wrote!

  1. #GiveMeBooks
  2. #Cupcakes&Grizzlies
  3. #IwasVeyed
  4. #HistoricalRomanceIsTheNewBlack

Answer: 3.  #IwasVeyed   Barbara Vey loves readers. It is her mission in life to get great books into readers’ hands. And this event did just that. Lots of fabulous authors. Lots of wonderful readers. And great books all over the place! Iwasveyed may 2016


The luncheon actually spans a 3 day weekend now with Q&A on Friday night, the luncheon plus events all evening on Saturday, and a Sunday morning breakfast.  The Q&A was great even if Tonya Kappes killed me.


You gotta go some time!
You gotta go some time!

MadLibs were amazingly fun Saturday night. And guess what I learned on Sunday?


  1. Grizzly bears have detached, prehensile lips.
  2. Zombie Joe taught me how to make personalized travel mugs
  3. Barbara laughs really loud sometimes
  4. It is possible to have a rip roaring good time even on very few hours of sleep!


Answer: All of the above!  And here’s a picture of the mug that Zombie Joe gave me. See my name at the bottom? Also the picture of my table making faces with our grizzly lips! And while we’re at it, here are a bunch more pictures including me in my cool cheese head hat. Though upon my death, Tonya laid claim to it.

Yes, I am part of the zombie apocalypse!
Gouda or Cheddar?
Gouda or Cheddar?
Prehensile lips from all!
Prehensile lips from all!



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