Meet Kathy Lyons–Jade Lee

Kathy Lyons—Jade Lee

Kathy Lyons is the wild, adventurous half of USA TODAY bestselling author Jade Lee. A lover of all things fantastical, Kathy spent much of her childhood in Narnia, Middle Earth, Amber, and Earthsea, just to name a few. Meanwhile, ball gowns and rakish lords caught Jade’s attention and her fascination with historical romance began.

Both Kathy and Jade have a gift for creating a lively world, witty dialogue, and hot, sexy humor. Winner of several industry awards including the Prism—Best of the Best, Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice, and Fresh Fiction’s Steamiest Read, Kathy/Jade has published 60 romance novels and says she’s just getting started.

In her free time (what’s that?) her hobbies include racquetball, rollerblading, and tv/movie watching with her husband. She’s a big fan of the Big Bang Theory (even though it’s over) and her favorite movie is The Avengers because she loves everything created by Joss Whedon. And she’d love to share all things geek with you in person at any of her many appearances. She’s usually found at the loudest table in the coffee shop or next to the dessert bar.

Fun Facts

One of Jade’s ancestors signed the document that leased Hong Kong to the British for 99 years.
Jade’s great grandmother had bound feet barely over 3 inches long. When running to an air raid shelter from bombs in WWII, her grandsons had to carry herone on each side while her feet still ran in the air.
One of Jade’s ancestors governed a province in China that was troubled by bandits. When he finally caught the evildoers, he cut out the leader’s heart and ate it raw to intimidate the others. It worked!
One of Jade’s ancestors put two carved stone dragons on trial for destroying crops and damaging property. According to the trial, these two dragons left a temple wall to play in the river thereby causing flooding and crop damage. They were found guilty and sentenced to remain on the stone pillars for eternity. Two large iron spikes were then pounded into the center of each dragon. And the flooding stopped!
One of Jade’s ancestors hid for a week under a bed when bandits took over his home. The boy was eight years old and the only survivor of his village. After the bandits moved on, he left his home and walked to the Christian mission in the next county.
One of Jade’s ancestors was the first female dentist in Indiana. In her spare time, she caught and canned sparrows. She would tie corn kernels to a piece of string and dangle them from a tree. When the birds ate the corn, they would be caught on the string. She would then take them, can them, and then give them to her relatives as Christmas presents.
Jade’s father is the foremost authority in the world on the evolution of camel crickets.
Jade was a pro racquetball player for 3 weeks. Then her knees blew out and ended her career. But she still plays!

Things I Like


There were so many options for manchest, but these guys were great fun, too. Thanks for the memories gentlemen!

Coffee, chocolate, cheesecake
Coffee, chocolate, cheesecake

Let’s get real. I’m a coffee and chocolate addict. I’ve thought about a 12 step program, but did I really want to give up either of those? No. So I haven’t. Especially since my favorite dessert of all time is chocolate cheesecake with coffee. So I’m not giving it up. Never, ever! Sadly, I’m lactose intolerant which means the cheesecake really makes me pay for the pleasure. But I love it that much!

My cat
My cat

Cinnamon is my wonder love of an only-when-I-want-your-attention cat. She is adamant about dinner time and my kids call her Cinnabon because of her…um…fluffiness.


I went pro for about 3 weeks before blowing my knees. Here I am making sure to vote before I play!


I adore my husband, but he’s just not the romantic type. So I write it. And read it. And love it!


I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy to catch up (took me 3 months) and now I’m annoyed that I have to wait for every episode. Picard is awesome as is Lost in Space. I like Legacies and am having fun with Stumptown. But my favorite is This is Us. And Magicians. And anything Joss Whedon does!

Writing Awards

  • USA TODAY BESTSELLER #128, March 5, 2006 Seduced by Crimson
  • 2 BOOKLIST reviews
    • Lee’s deft eroticism hasn’t lost any of its power. With her latest variant on the Tigress practice, Lee’s star continues to burn bright. (Nina Davis on Burning Tigress)
    • If Lee’s skills continue to grow at this rate, it will be she who becomes an Immortal. (Nina Davis on Desperate TigressSTARRED review)
  • 3 PRISMS
    • Best Erotic 2006 White Tigress
    • Best of the Best 1999 Oracle (by Katherine Greyle)
    • Best Futuristic 1999 Oracle (by Katherine Greyle)
    • 2008 Best Historical for Tempted Tigress
    • 1999 Best First Book Oracle (By Katherine Greyle)
  • 2 HOLT MEDALLIONS 1999 Best Futuristic and Best First Book Oracle (by Katherine Greyle)
  • 1 Romantic Times BOOKclub Reviewer’s Choice WINNER
    • Tempted Tigress 2008 Best Historical KISS
  • 2 Romantic Times BOOKclub Reviewer’s Choice Nominee
    • Desperate Tigress 2003 Best Sensual Historical
    • White Tigress 2003 Best Historical
  • 2 Romantic Times BOOKclub TOP PICK
    • Seduced by Crimson
    • Desperate Tigress
  • 3 Romantic Times BOOKclub KISS awards
    • Desperate Tigress
    • No Place for a Lady (Greyle)
    • Major Wycliff’s Campaign (Greyle)
  • PEARL 2005 Best Erotic Romance finalist
  • PASSIONATE PLUME 2006 Historical #2, Hungry Tigress

Screenwriting Awards

  • Honorable Mention ’99 Best in the West for Unbridled
  • Winner ’98 Worldfest Flagstaff for Isn’t It Romantic?
  • 1998 Semifinalist in Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project
  • 1998 Quarterfinalist Fade In: Magazine screenplay contest with Oracle
  • Winner ’98 Houston Worldfest for A Lady Does Not (dramatic adaptation)
  • Winner ’97 Houston Worldfest for Oracle screenplay. (SF/F)

Contact Information

Seymour Agency

Nicole Resciniti


Literary Agent at The Seymour Agency ~ Always on the lookout for YA/NA, Romance and MG ~ Loves Food & Fab Books

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