Makeover Mistake Cover Reveal


It’s up! Woo hoo! My installment of the What Happens in Vegas continuityand you get to see the cover FIRST! (Unless you’re on my street team. They got to see it last week cause they’re special!  Click here to join )

Here’s the link. Get it at 99 cents now before the price goes up.

Back Cover Copy

makeover-mistakeAfter losing a bet, successful publisher Michael Chang is pretending to play the piano in a Vegas lounge in order to spy on his less-than-trustworthy employee. His espionage is quickly derailed after meeting Thea Danelle, an editor who’s been wronged by Michael’s company. She’s smart and unpredictableand clearly hiding a naughty side that tempts Michael to distraction.

Thea has gone from frumpy librarian to the young, wild thing she used to beall thanks to the promise of sensuous delight in the piano player’s eyes. And frankly, after losing yet another author to the competition, Thea is ready to forget her professional problems and explore those sexy promises thoroughly. With Michael, she can finally be herselfuntil the moment Thea learns who he really is.

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