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I did not watch the original Lost in Space when I was a kid. I caught a few episodes on re-runs when I was a pre-teen, but by then I was much too old for the series. Still, I remember the black and white image of the robot and everybody knew the phrase, “Danger, Will Robinson!” My husband, however, did watch from behind the couch because he was too young and too afraid to watch it sitting normally. So when he suggested we watch the new Netflix Lost in Space series, I teased him about having to make more space behind the couch because he’s a lot bigger than he was in the 1960s.

Lost in Space Season 2
Love the new Robot!

So…we watched. And now we’ve just finished watching Season 2. Guess how I felt about it?

  1. Robot is sexy cool with sleek lines and a mystery behind who and what it is. Yes!
  2. The adventure plots are great, but the overall mystery about the Robot is confusing. And still a freaking mystery!
  3. I hated that the end of Season 1 teaser is not explained at all in Season 2. WTF?
  4. As a romance writer, I really miss a little romance. Mom and Dad Robinson are great, but come on! Can’t we get a little flirtation between somebody and someone? Preferably characters who are of adult age.

Answer: All but 3. 

Yes, I love the new robot, the adventure is awesome, but I couldn’t quite remember everything about Season 1. I mean, it’s been over a year. So actually—truth here—I mis-remembered the season 1 finale. I was all upset about something that I got wrong. Oops. Thank God for recaps on the internet. Anyway, I do miss some of the romance, but since the primary story is about a ten-year-old boy and his robot, there isn’t going to be much adult flirtation.

Anyway, short answer is that I love the new Lost in Space, and I can’t wait for Season 3!!!!

What show or movie would you recommend while we’re all practicing social distancing?

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