Join Elizabeth Hoyt and I on Crowdcast

Elizabeth Hoyt and I have known each other for years. We met before she became “The Hoyt” and she’s helped me through many tough times. I’m really excited to “see” her on Wednesday, Aug 12 at 7pm EST, on Crowdcast. It’s part of the Forever Virtual Summer Series. You should join us as we dish secrets that can only come from longtime friends.  In the meantime, let me share one now. We used to get together a minimum of four times a week as we drank coffee, gossiped, and then wrote our books. But then suddenly we stopped. Guess why…

A. I became too busy with my secret star child baby and she became busy as advisor to Bill Gates on his next technological breakthrough. As of this moment, she’s had more success with Bill then I’ve had with my divine star baby who is currently off playing with the rings of Saturn.

B. Elizabeth and I competed fiercely for entry into Clown College. It was an ugly battle complete with busted balloon animals and too much space taken up in the clown car. I won’t say by who. (Okay, I’ll admit it. It was my hips but only because her knee was stuck in my armpit.)

C. We just drifted apart as sometimes happens with longtime friends. It might have something to do with a missing research book on kinks in the 1800s that was later discovered in the bowels of my kitchen cabinet. I have no idea how it got there. I swear!

D. Someone by the initials EH moved away to live closer to her family 500 miles away. As if her father and sister could mean more to her than me, her cool writer friend. Admittedly she has plenty of cool writer friends and only one father or sister. Fine. I’m not mad. I just sit in my home and drink bitter tears mixed with my morning coffee.

Answer: D — Sniff!  Elizabeth moved away and I was unable to follow. So we make do with phone calls and internet visits. But let me tell you, the gossip has never been the same!

So that’s one story. We have plenty more!  Come join us virtually August 12, 7pm EST live on Crowdcast. And if you mention this blog during the event (I think that’s possible) you’ll be entered to win a cool prize from me!

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