Is that my muse?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. Life got away from me. Or maybe the pandemic got me down. I’m starting them up again with the following intention: I’m going to say thank you. Yup. Thank you to my wonderful reader, and today, I’m thanking my muse.

I’m afraid I often complain about this fairy creature who gives me flashes of insight. I’m desperate for her wisdom when she’s nowhere around, and then when she finally visits, what do I do? I claim her touch of divine inspiration as my own. Lord knows, I’m never brilliant without her. At best, I’m mildly competent. But when that touch of insight slips into my brain, it’s like the coffee finally touched the right brain cell and bang, I’ve got an idea.

Really, it’s her. My muse. So what, I ask you, shall I do to thank her? I’ve drunk gallons of coffee as a way to entice her. I’ve sat in meditation hoping I was still enough for her to alight. I’ve looked at pretty pictures, played music, wandered through social media, and watched videos of my grandbaby as a way to make her feel at home in my presence. Some of it worked, but it’s hard to tell. Maybe she was here all along and just waiting for me to put my fingers to the keyboard.

Today I’ll say this. Thank you, muse, for visiting. Please come again. Please stay a while. I am grateful for the times you are here and the times you are gone. How else would I know how important you are to me? And thank you to everyone out there who inspires.

What about you? What works to get your muse to visit?

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