Historical Romance

Dashing gentlemen and daring ladies might require more propriety, but Kathy Lyons’ trademark wit and sizzle make their way into every one of her historical romance novels written under the pseudonym Jade Lee. A USA Today bestseller, Jade Lee writes sizzling historical romances full of ball gowns and rakish lords set in Regency England.

Always a Scot

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A Lady’s Lessons

Rules for a Lady by Jade Lee

Rules for a Lady (Book 1)

Major Wyclyff's Campaign by Jade Lee

Major Wyclyff’s Campaign (Book 2)

Miss Woodley's Kissing Experiment by Jade Lee

Miss Woodley’s Kissing Experiment (Book 3)

Always a Scot

Bridal Favors Series

Engaged in Wickedness (Book 0.5)

Wedded in Scandal by Jade Lee

Wedded in Scandal (Book 1)

Engaged in Passion (Book 1.5)

Wedded in Sin by Jade Lee

Wedded in Sin (Book 2)

Winning a Bride (Book 2.5)

What the Bride Wore (Book 3)

The Groom’s Gamble (Book 3.5)

What the Groom Wants (Book 4)

Lords of the Masquerade

The Lyon’s Den Connected World

Rakes and Rogues Series

50 Ways to Ruin a Rake by Kathy Lyons

50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (Book 1)

One Rogue at a Time by Kathy Lyons

One Rogue at a Time (Book 2)

As Rich as a Rogue by Kathy Lyons

As Rich as a Rogue (Book 3)

Regency Hearts Redeemed Series

Her Wicked Surrender by Jade Lee

Her Wicked Surrender (Book 1)

His Wicked Seduction (Book 2)

Regency Rags to Riches Series

No Place for a Lady by Jade Lee

No Place for a Lady (Book 1)

Devil's Bargain by Jade Lee

Devil’s Bargain (Book 2)

Almost An Angel by Jade Lee

Almost an Angel (Book 3)

The Dragon Earl by Jade Lee

The Dragon Earl (Book 4)

The Way of the Tigress

White Tigress by Jade Lee

White Tigress (Book 1)

Hungry Tigress by Jade Lee

Hungry Tigress (Book 2)

Desperate Tigress by Jade Lee

Desperate Tigress (Book 3)

Burning Tigress by Jade Lee

Burning Tigress (Book 4)

Cornered Tigress by Jade Lee

Cornered Tigress (Book 5)

Tempted Tigress by Jade Lee

Tempted Tigress (Book 6)

Stand Alone Books, Novellas, and Anthologies

The Concubine by Jade Lee

The Concubine

Into the Lyon's Den by Kathy Lyons

Into the Lyon’s Den

A Midsummer Night's Romance

A Midsummer Night’s Romance

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Find out if the Lord of War finds something sweeter than victory in LORD ARES—Jade Lee’s new Regency romance release!