Have you unmasked the Lords of the Masquerade? Big book giveaway!

In the Lords of the Masquerade series, three titled gentlemen throw a masquerade party at Vauxhall for their own secret purposes. Three ladies attended for fun but find something far greater in the shadows of the pleasure garden.

LORD ARES, the third book in the series, comes out later this month, and the “Lord of War” will find something so much sweeter than victory. While awaiting this new release, enter to win LORD SATYR, the second book in the series, and a $25 Amazon gift card to stock up on more Lords of the Masquerade books and other great titles!

Want to read excerpts from all three books plus the connected book, INTO THE LYON’S DEN?

2 thoughts on “Have you unmasked the Lords of the Masquerade? Big book giveaway!”

  1. I have both Lord Saytr and Lord Lucifer in the series and pre-ordered Lord Ares! I read and reviewed Into the Lyon Den on Goodreads! Happy writing

    1. THANK YOU!!! I’ve turned in Lord Ares and it’s getting set up for release. I really like this whole series, and Lord Ares is no exception. I’m so pleased with myself! LOL

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