I’ve got a whole lot of exciting news right now. But the main question is – who’s pregnant?

Now before I go on, let me qualify this by saying it could be a metaphorical pregnancy. One where it takes weeks and months to create something significant like a baby. So let me give you the options, starting with the most obvious.

  1. I’m pregnant! Baby due any day now. I’m waddling like a duck, complain often of back pain, and have been known to beg people to rub my swollen feet.
  2. Book baby birth imminent! I’m about to launch the first book of a shared world from (drum roll) JADE LEE! Yup! After years of being silent, Jade Lee is about to surge back onto the historical romance scene with a book I adore! So…fire up those e-readers or grab a physical book because Jade is back, baby!
  3. Okay, okay, so maybe I’m a little old to be pregnant with a cute little screaming monster. Lucky for me, I’m the right age to have a grandbaby! You all know my daughter got married last year. She’s always wanted to be a mother and the baby is due mid-July. Now here’s the question, exactly what name should I take as grandmother? Nana? PoPo (what my kids called my mother)? Glamma? The questions are endless.
  4. A new website! Let me tell you how this has been for me. I have been creating content steadily, just as if I were steadily growing a baby. Then I send that content into the mysterious void known as email to my designer and publicist. They do some kind of magic and after much groaning and moaning, a new website appears! It’s magic! It’s the internet! It’s a new WEB BABY!
  5. Don’t get excited. It’s a food baby. I went out to eat at MoriMoto’s in Disney Springs. We got the Peking Duck and I stuffed myself to bursting because it was that good. Yummmm. So nothing more exciting than a full stomach known among my friends as a food baby.

Answer: I’m not going to tell you.

Kathy Lyons—Jade Lee

What??? Well, let me explain a few things.

1. I’m not pregnant, though I often waddle like a duck and complain of back pain.

2. Book baby? Always. And Jade Lee has definitely got something coming!

3. Grandbaby? Yes! My daughter is pregnant, but we don’t have news beyond a mid-July due date. So…fingers crossed.

5. Food babies are a real thing with me. I love food.

Did you notice I missed something? Oh yes…4. NEW WEBSITE! I hope you will take some time visiting and let me know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “GUESS WHO’S PREGNANT?”

  1. congrats grandma. congrats to whichever is pregnant. as for the name to have the grandkids, what did you call your grandma? something Chinese? to keep the history alive.

    1. My kids called my mother PoPo but I don’t think I can take that name. That’s her name which is silly, but that’s how I feel. Right now my kids want me to go by the formal Chinese name for grandmother … ZuMu. They think I look like a ZuMu. LOL

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