Guess What I’m Doing!

So I’m hard at work on a new project. Guess what.

  • Making a Christmas tree out of painted cardboard boxes and red Starbucks cups. It’s a b**** to clean those out, btw, after I’ve sucked every last dreg of caffeine out of them.
  • Cleaning out my guest room because the relatives are descending this Christmas. I can stuff the adults in that room. The kids will sleep on the floor on air mattresses. But wtf do I do with the dog? Attic? Basement? My poor cat will end up spending the holidays under my bed.
  • Candlemaking for the nose blind. Yup. I’m melting wax and putting a wick in it, then adding random scents as I find them. Dirty socks? Got that. Lavender and garlic? Why not?
  • I’m writing about Grizzly Bear Shifters! First title will come out fall of 2016 as TOUCHED BY THE BEAST by Kathy Lyons.

Answer: 1 – Yup. I’m writing a new series for Grand Central about grizzly bear shifters in Michigan. I was asked and so now I’m doing it. And it’s a TON OF FUN!  As for the other choices, Starbucks is struggling to keep the red cups stocked because of the social media kerfluffle about them. And yes, I do have to clean out my guest bedroom, but I haven’t even started that. Candlemaking is a craft I’ve never attempted. Probably a good thing as I’m a bit of a pyro and might set the house on fire. So yup…Grizzly Shifters. Go ahead and comment if you’re interested in them or not. Hopefully someone will like them. I certainly do!

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’m busy trying to figure out exactly how bears shift into a man. I’ve got the sequence for the shift into grizzly, but not the shrink down bit. Head to toe? Extremities down toward the center? Suggestions are welcome!

And in the meantime, don’t forget I’ve got TWO books releasing December 1st:  One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee and Seducing the Skeptic by Kathy Lyons.

Also, many congrats to Cassandra S for winning $200 in my new website contest!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


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